Pabllo Vittar glorifies tecnobrega and forró in “Batação Tropical”: “It’s my life there in music” | Song

Pabllo Vittar glorifies tecnobrega and forró in "Batação Tropical": "It's my life there in music" |  Song

“It’s as if I took the North and the Northeast, put it on a pedestal and showed Brazil and the world to see how rich and diverse they are.” This is how Pablo Vitar explains his goal with “tropical baptism”.

The 27-year-old singer’s fourth album, released Thursday night (24), salvages the songs and tunes that were part of her childhood and adolescence.

Among the nine forró and tecnobrega tracks“Ama Sofre Chora”, “Triste com T” and “A Lua” were not released while the other six teams re-signed Companhia do Calypso, Ravelly and Batidade.

“I somehow wanted the greatest truly original, my culture, Maranhão, Pará and all the surroundings that consume that culture,” says Pabllo.

“I have a tecnobrega repertoire that I still listen to today to work, think, and listen to a video call with my friends. It was really crazy thinking I could re-record these songs.”

TecnoShow, band Kassikó, Mastruz com Leite, Magníficos, Desejo de Menina and Aviões do Forró are other bands that Pabllo had references to to this day.

“I hope my fans feel closer to me because it’s my life there in music.”

Pablo Vitar in the clip ‘Triste com T’ – Photo: Publicity

With the song “Batação Tropical”, many people will listen for the first time to songs such as “Ânsia”, “Bang Bang” recorded by Companhia do Calypso and “Ultra Som” by Ravelli.

The songs, which have been successful for more than 10 years in the North and Northeast, will probably not be on Pablo’s newest audience playlists, either organically or voluntarily.

There was a serious danger that even the smallest part would react to the expression “cringe”, Used in recent days to describe something unfashionable or outdatedto the originals, but the result in Pablo’s voice is “cool”, innovative and modern.

For an artist who was born in Maranhão and grew up in Pará, there is no such thing as disgrace, quite the opposite.

“Now it’s all awkward, awkward, awkward… Let us magnify what is ours. If you catch a show for Mylla Karvalho (Former lead singer of Companhia do Calypso), 17 years ago, going up on stage and bungee jumping and saying it’s embarrassing, but clap your hands for Pink at Rock in Rio…”

“Who do you clap your hands with? Would you say pink is embarrassing too?” says Vitar, referring to performance rather than musical style in comparison.

“I want to bring this to show this young man now, to these guys from TikTok what is Companhia that Calypso is, what is Cacicó, what is tecnobrega, you know?”

“That’s a part of me, I can’t take it away and be a pop artist who’s going to come in and release international pop beats that’s really playing abroad and actually playing here. It’s especially good, but so what?” [cadê ] the new?”.

Pablo had already unofficially sung some songs from the album on social media and showed his admiration for Mila Carvalho, who is now an gospel singer.

In fact, the expression “Yuke” that Cloud has been using since it exploded in 2017 is from the former forró singer, who has been saying “And what?” The audience continues to sing songs in performances.

Pabllo Vittar’s “Batação Tropical” album cover – Photo: Divulgação / Ernna Cost

“Ama Sufre Chora”, “Triste com T” and “A Lua” are original and original songs, but they make so much sense with the rest of the album that they could be in the repertoire of old forró bands.

The first two were written by Brabo Music authors and producers, who have worked with the singer since the beginning of her career.

Cover of Pablo Vitar’s single “Ama Ya3i El Koura” – Photo: Publicity

“I had very little opinion, because it was songs when I heard I said it, the band was singing that song. I saw Paulinha, of Calcinha Preeta, singing Triste com Tesão when I heard it.”

In “A Lua,” Pabllo and Alice Caymmi join the authors, in a partnership that already took place on “Problema Seu,” from the album “No Para Não.”

“It’s a forró-type Calcinha Preta, which has a drum feel, and has a tempo that doesn’t make you stop moving for a second,” he explains.

2020 was set to be a great year for Pabllo Vittar abroad, holding concerts at major festivals like Coachella and Primavera Sound, but the pandemic has put those plans on hold.

“I was so sad and frustrated, but not bitter. I really believe in God, I knew all of this was an ordeal we would go through to get stronger.”

It was precisely because of the time that the fourth album was produced at home. However, the idea of ​​saving the assets is already there between artist and producer Rodrigo Gorky. So he expected st 1 that The new album will be “Very Brazilian”..

“I’m so anxious, I can’t sit for a week at home, do nothing, watch TV… I get scared, I go crazy,” Vitar says.

“We knew we wanted to boost my territory and it all started to fall apart… We called the band’s composers to get a license for the songs, they were so helpful, and I felt so proud.”

The expectation, from now on, is to have people dance at home and, later, at shows in Brazil and abroad.

“I will shiver all over when I get to Primavera Sound and send a [música da] Companhia do Calypso, from the band Ravelly,” says the singer who was Confirmed at the 2022 edition of the festival in Barcelona And in Porto.

“This is the cultural and social impact on performance that I want to leave behind. I want people to understand who I’m talking about, how I formed, and what I heard to get here.”

Pabllo Vittar at festivals, toy stores, at Pop Week and always goes away

Pabllo Vittar at festivals, toy stores, at Pop Week and always goes away

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