Fans are once again suggesting that Madonna loves Pablo Vittar more than Anita after being posted by the Queen of Pop

Fans are once again suggesting that Madonna loves Pablo Vittar more than Anita after being posted by the Queen of Pop

Live and at home, fans of Anita and Pablo Vittar noticed a contrast in the performances of the artists at Madonna's show, both in terms of their closeness to the Queen of Pop and their time on stage. Suspicions quickly increased when Madonna shared a video of herself dancing with the drag queen – only one reel cover includes Poderosa, but the content only appears from the audience of more than 1.6 million people that the blonde gathered in Praia de Copacabana, on Saturday. (4). To increase the tension, Madonna, on Wednesday (8), shared a series of recordings about “The Celebration Tour” on social media, including a photo of her hugging just one of them: Pablo.

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“He wrote it in English because it's so big that Pablo has become a global celebrity. It's predictable,” one netizen commented. Another defended Madonna's closeness with Pablo: “As much as Pablo loves Vittar, with the other she did not even sing the feat that the two have, and the fans had this expectation.”

It didn't take long for both bases to notice that the international diva was ignoring Anita. This in a scenario in which the Rio native declined the coveted invitation to attend the Met Gala, held annually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York – and who gained fame as the “Brazilian of the moment” was Bruna Marquezine, making her first appearance at the event.

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The girl from Rio, known for her clashes with Brazilian celebrities from different fields, such as journalist Leo Dias, MC Carroll and former president Jair Bolsonaro, did not insist on publishing photos alongside Pablo. After the day of the show, Anita did not share Madonna's records again, while the interpreter of “Amor de quenga” posted more photos from that date. With 19.8 million followers on Instagram, the Queen of Pop has been selective about signing up for the show, despite thanking them publicly.

“Some memories from the end of my tour……….and the rest will remain in my heart forever!”, the singer wrote in this Wednesday post. In other photos from Madonna's latest releases, in addition to Pablo, there are celebrities such as actor Alberto Guerra and DJ Diplo, who have previously participated in the show in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro.

Anita vs Pablo posts

From the beginning of the show to its end, Anita spent just over three minutes and 20 seconds with Madonna. Most of the time, she remained seated and engaged in the exciting simulations. As the international artist did, the strong woman carried a sign bearing the number “10.” To the tune of the hit song “Vogue” (in which the singer began to receive special offers), Anita was a judge in the “Dance Floor”, a kind of friendly battle that celebrates the culture of diversity since 1970, which the singer proposed at the Copacabana. Some fans assert that having the “Envolver” performer on the show is indeed a “triumph.” Others asked the Brazilian not to stop going to the Met Gala.

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On the other hand, Pablo spent less time on stage than Anita with Madonna: about three minutes. However, Darragh's post went viral on social media and even became a meme. During the show, she danced with the American and captured her in a moment of excitement. The two also displayed Brazilian flags in the dance, indicating a move away from the political connotation.

— I've been ecstatic from the time I got the invite until now! Madonna and the whole team have been very wonderful to me,” the Brazilian singer told EXTRA.

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