Emmanuel Macron pode se beneficiar de briga com Reino Unido

France and England are rekindling the old conflict in dangerous times

World leaders met for the week Nova York For the UN General Assembly, the absence of one person cast a long shadow over those already defined as tense days. French…

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UK preview of the new movie equivalent 'Avengers: Ultimatum'

UK preview of the new movie equivalent ‘Avengers: Ultimatum’

According to the report The Hollywood Reporter, Pre-sale of tickets from 007: No time to die Reached one in the UK “Almost unprecedented”. The film is over Tenet From the…

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Logo da Uber em tela na bolsa de valores de Nova York, EUA

Uber to offer pension plans to UK drivers

A Uber Technologies are starting to come into play Providing pension plans for drivers in the UK, Months after the country was forced to grant them labor rights. In March,…

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Bitcoin Mining and Its Many Security Threats

Digital currencies carry a number of new security considerations with them. Bitcoin mining is a booming industry, with plenty of opportunities for theft and deception. Miners themselves face numerous security…

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Daniel Craig, astro de James Bond, foi nomeado comandante honorário da Marinha Real do Reino Unido

Daniel Craig becomes commander of the British Navy and his character is equal to 007

James Bond star Daniel Craig was on Thursday (23) appointed Commercial Officer in the British Royal Navy – matching his character 007 as Commander-in-Chief. “I am pleased to welcome Commander…

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France considers UK quarantine rules discriminatory - O Journal Economico

Brussels fears Europeans living in UK will not be able to travel to London due to Brexit rules chaos – O Journal Economico

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, some concerns have been raised that EU citizens living in the UK will not be allowed to board flights to the country due…

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The USAF is to establish two F-35 regiments in the UK - Aeroflop

The USAF is to establish two F-35 regiments in the UK – Aeroflop

Landing of the 34th Fighter Squadron F-35A Lightning II at RAF Leganheit during training 2017. Photo: Master Sergeant Eric Burkes / USAF. The first F-35A fighter jets from two regiments…

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The UK has not approved vaccination in South America in 2021

Get started ” headlines ⁇ The UK does not approve of vaccination in South America Rowena Rosa / Agncia Brasil The Brazilian vaccine program is not one of the approved…

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O programa de vacinação brasileiro não está entre os aceitos pelo Reino Unido

The UK does not approve of vaccination in South America

Rowena Rosa / Brazil Company The Brazilian vaccine program is not among those approved by the UK Last week, it was announced that the United Kingdom had eased entry restrictions…

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The British government acknowledges the risk of an outbreak of Covid-19 in the eurozone

COP26 – UN and UK demand more money from rich countries ahead of news

United Nations, Parties on Climate Change (COP26) to be held in Glasgow on September 20 November. “Developed nations must take the lead,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said after meeting with…

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