Ana María Braga cries, distributes cocina, and also shows her legs on TV news in Domingo

Ana María Braga cries, distributes cocina, and also shows her legs on TV news in Domingo

Ana María Braga did not go unnoticed when she participated in the Dominingão Lip Sync Battle. The presenter burst into tears because of the praise she received from Luciano Huck, distributed her coccas to the audience, and even embodied two Brazilian musical divas – Rita Li (1947-2023) and Carmen Miranda (1909-1955).

He faced broadcaster Gilles de Vigor in the panel shown this Sunday (24). “For me, she is a superhero, a woman who always lived her life as she believed. She threw herself into life. Today she joined these strong women. She showed that a woman can be whatever she wants,” Angelica praised her husband.

“I’m here showing my legs at 74 years old,” joked Anna Maria, who beat the former BBB member in the popular vote. He added: “Carmen represents Brazil and was as successful abroad as Anita is now.”

The artist actually entered the stage in tears for the tribute given by Rafael Portugal and Pedrinho de Cavaco. They made a parody of Mariah’s song to remember her trajectory.

“You made me cry, you beautiful people. Thank you guys. I love you. I came out here with this beautiful audience and said, ‘This is just going to be a joy.’ I have barely arrived, and this Rafael Portugal is already killing me,” she said very emotionally.

The program also showed that Ana Maria distributed cocinha bread and cheese to the hall. “It’s a good thing Lip Sync Battle doesn’t follow TSE rules [Tribunal Superior Eleitoral]”Because that’s the end of the poll,” Huck joked.

Her post had a positive impact on social media. “Anna Maria is simply magical. She is someone who does not stay on a pedestal or think she is a star because she is in the position she is in. This is what makes her great and unique,” praised a netizen identified as Raisa.

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“Ana Maria Braga is a queen and always gives everything. Beautiful tribute to Rita Lee,” Nanda said. “Ana María bought these votes with coccinea and cheese bread. For a printed and now auditable lip sync,” Marta Martins joked.

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