Brazil exceeds 2,400 dengue deaths in 2024; Probable cases exceed 4.6 million

Brazil exceeds 2,400 dengue deaths in 2024;  Probable cases exceed 4.6 million

Data from Arbovirus Monitoring Panel Ministry of Health This Friday (10) showed that Brazil has crossed the threshold of 2,400 deaths due to dengue fever in 2024. in everything, There are 2451 deaths and 4603,825 possible cases of the disease. This is actually the year with the highest amount of pollution.

It is worth noting that the Ministry’s expectations for the year 2024 were about 4.2 million cases of dengue fever. The situation is worse than expected.

Despite the high numbers, 21 states and the Federal District recorded a downward trend in dengue cases. Ceara, Maranhão, Pará and Tocantins are stable and Mato Grosso is on an upward trend.

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For the administration, the biggest concern is Rio Grande do Sul, because of the floods, there is a risk of an increase in the number of infections. Mosquitoes Aedes aegyptiWhich transmit the virus, lays its eggs in stagnant water.

The battle against dengue fever

Dengue fever is transmitted through mosquito bites Aedes aegyptiTherefore, the best way to prevent transmission is to control the spread. Using repellents, if possible, can also help.

Hey Sao Paulo State Government Provides guidelines that should be added to the daily life of residents:

– Place trash in plastic bags and keep the trash closed at all times;

Leaves and anything that can prevent water from flowing through the gutters should be removed.

– Plant potting dishes should be filled with sand to the brim. The exchange must take place continuously;

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– The pot of hydroponic plants should be washed with a brush, water and soap at least once a week;

– Bottles and containers in which water accumulates should always be turned upside down;

– Water tanks should also remain closed and all items that accumulate water, such as used bottles, should be thrown in the trash.

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Citizens should also pay attention to the main thing Symptoms of the disease, If they present any of these, the advice is to seek medical care.

– High temperature;

– Body and joint pain.

– Pain behind the eyes.

– Feeling upset.

– headache;

– Red spots on the body.

– Severe and continuous abdominal pain.

– Continuous vomiting.

– Fluid accumulation.

– Mucous membrane bleeding.

– Irritability.

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