Rio is not Mother Joanna's home, Paes says of the Bruno Mars show

Rio is not Mother Joanna's home, Paes says of the Bruno Mars show

The mayor of the capital, Rio de Janeiro, refused to permit the singer to perform on October 4 and 5, the weekend of the first round of elections.

Mayor Eduardo Paes PSD said on Thursday (May 9, 2024) that Rio “It's not Mother Joanna's house.”. He criticized the product Long live the nation Who sold tickets to Bruno Mars' concert in DC. The date of the event has not been announced by the city council.

The singer's concert in Rio was announced on October 4, the day before the elections. After tickets were sold, the producer said there would be an additional show on October 5, the date of the municipal elections.

“Everyone knows that I was the first to encourage, support and give all the strength to make these events happen. “You'll excuse me, but this is not Mother Joanna's house, it's no-man's-land.”, Announce In a video clip he posted on his personal page on the social networking site.

According to the mayor, the city's public security unit is committed to the elections. He stated that his priority is to ensure residents are safe to vote. “It seems that these producers thought they were more important than the people of Rio or did not understand that.” He said.

“It is impossible to guarantee the return of tens of thousands of people at night and early in the morning to Injinhao with adequate security and urban planning due to the electoral process.”. Pais stated that he would work with the authorities to do so “victims” So “Offensive and misleading ads” They are not harmed.

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For the mayor, Live Nation decided “nob” Thinking that public authorities will “Put your head down and accept the arbitrary and abusive decision.”. He also declared: “Here we like to party, we like to celebrate life, we like to have fun, we welcome artists, but here there is order and respect for the law.”

Finally, Eduardo Paes invited North American singer Bruno Mars to perform in Rio. “Come on, Bruno Mars, let's set this date.” He said.

Watch (3:50 seconds):

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