Globo cancels a show about Madonna

Globo cancels a show about Madonna

Last Tuesday (7), fans Madonna More details about the singer's visit to Rio can be found behind the scenes of the event Profession reporter. However, the broadcaster decided to focus its coverage of the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul.

“Globo has canceled the broadcast of this edition of 'Profissão Repórter' to give more space to 'Jornal da Globo' with its coverage of the Rio Grande do Sul disaster. Next week, on the 14th of this month, 'Profissão Repórter' returns with a special programme. Edition about Floods“, said the memo sent to the press.

Photo: Globo/Disclosure/Music Magazine

Reporters split up to feature stories of fans who went to Rio de Janeiro to watch the show.

In Fortaleza, Julio Mollica and Fernando Grulla met a group of elderly women who had met at Zumba classes and traveled to see the show.

Andre Nieves Sampaio accompanied fans from across Brazil as well as around the world, who stayed at the door of the Copacabana Palace Hotel.

The program will feature Conceição, a 75-year-old fan who experiences freedom through the singer's teachings. Caco Barcelos and Chico Bahia met millionaires who decided to use their yachts as VIP boxes for the big show.

“The program prepared by Caco Barcellos about Madonna’s performance will be available on Globoplay”the memo stated.

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