Geological rift that could cause ‘largest earthquake in US history’ spews out strange liquid – NEWS

Geological rift that could cause ‘largest earthquake in US history’ spews out strange liquid – NEWS

Summarize the news

  • Liquid from a marine fault could detect potential earthquakes.
  • Crater in the same area as the largest earthquake in US history.
  • The leaking fluid was hotter and chemically different from the water.
  • Studies show that the less liquidity, the worse the earthquake.

The malfunction released a chemically distinct hot liquid
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A chemically different hot liquid was released from a fault below the surface The Pacific Oceannear Newport, USA. For years, the region has threatened to trigger a magnitude 9 earthquake, which would make it the most destructive in the country’s history, and the new discovery may help identify possible tremors in the future.

An article published January 25 in Science Advances describes the underwater source, the Pythia oasis, as unique and that it reveals stress in the limits of North American tectonic plate.

“They explored in that direction and what they saw wasn’t just methane bubbles, but water coming out of the sea floor like a fire hose. This is something I’ve never seen before and, as far as I know, has never been observed,” said Evan and Suleiman Professor Oceanology He co-authored the research.

The discovery was made during a delay by RV Thomas G. Thompson’s ship Post sonar Unexpected clouds of bubbles rising from the sea floor appear on the ship. A robot was sent to explore the area and detected a liquid 9 degrees Celsius hotter than the water coming out of the crack.

Calculations indicate that the fluid comes directly from the Cascadia megathrust (aka “The Big One”), the largest earthquake ever predicted in the United States, where Temperatures Estimated 150°C to 250°C.

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Solomon continued by saying that the released liquid is bad news, because it works like a lubricant It reduces the pressure between the two friction plates and that with less of this fluid, the chances of a severe tremor increase.

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