Man accused of cutting down 200-year-old tree in England acquitted – World

Man accused of cutting down 200-year-old tree in England acquitted – World

A man alleged that he had been knocked down Sycamore GapOne of the UK's most famous trees, located near Hadrian's Wall, is going innocent this Wednesday (15).

Daniel Graham, 38, and Adam Carruthers, 31, have been charged with causing the damage. 622,000 lbs (about R$4 million) when they destroyed a tree over 200 years old. They appeared at Newcastle Magistrates' Court on Wednesday with their faces covered.

They were also charged and fined for causing damage Hadrian's WallBuilt in Roman times to ward off invasions and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tree is located nearby.

Although Daniel pleaded not guilty, Adam presented no arguments against the charges. After the hearing, both defendants were released pending their next hearing scheduled for June 12.

Understand the case

In the end September 2023, the people walking through the area saw the fallen tree and its roots. Police have described the case as a “romantic” operation that has caused sadness and excitement in the area.

The tree is also known to appear in the cinema in the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves“, with Kevin Costner, in 1991. Much photographed, it was voted “Tree of the Year” in 2016.

A month later, the tree fell cut and removal from site of officers. Experts are now trying to see if it will sprout again or if new trees will grow from its seeds.

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