This Nintendo 64 mod lets you play classic games at 60fps, 4K, and more

This Nintendo 64 mod lets you play classic games at 60fps, 4K, and more

Although it's been 28 years since the Nintendo 64 was released and 24 years since it was shut down, the classics released for Video games are still on people's lipsbut that's thanks to the legacy gaming community that has consistently supported the console all these years.

Thanks to community efforts, you can now use a new stable recompile tool that allows you to recompile games from Nintendo 64 In a practical and fast way in local executable files, which in turn allows many modern improvements such as 4K resolution, Higher frame rates, Wide support that it Ray tracing.

The creator of the tool, named Mr-Wiseguy, created Your translator. Although it doesn't have the same versatility as a full manual decompilation process, this tool only takes a few seconds to do years of time-consuming work. I should note that you will need to provide your own ROM files.

Foreign YouTuber Nerrel tested and approved the new tool, but found some bugs and other issues specific to the game (which means it existed at the time of the original cartridges). However, other minor issues have already been fixed, so all that remains is smooth browsing, without crashes or stability issues.

In the video on Wiseguy's own channel, we can see the game “Zelda: Majora's Mask” running natively on the computer, not to mention that we see the comparison that shows that the game runs at 60 frames per second, supports ultra-wide screens, fast loading and much more. more. N64 classics can be played via Switch Online also.

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