Ice pyramids in Antarctica arouse the interest of scientists

Ice pyramids in Antarctica arouse the interest of scientists

In the majestic continent of Antarctica, an interesting character appears: a kind of… pyramidwith its sides and angles so perfectly defined and so precise that they suggest careful and calculated construction.

This unique discovery sparked the imagination of many, fueling theories and speculation about its origin and meaning.

From the suggestion that the Egyptians reached Antarctica to speculation about their connections to secret societies such as the Illuminati, and the pyramids in… Antarctica It was the subject of intense curiosity and discussion.

In this atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, fascinating questions arise about the frozen continent's distant past and its ability to harbor long-lost secrets.

Mountains in central Antarctica

Discovered by explorer Lincoln Ellsworth in 1935 during a trip across Antarctica, these mountains extend about 400 kilometers in length and 50 kilometers in width, forming one of the largest mountains in the world. Mountain ranges The tallest and most impressive in Antarctica.

Pyramid shapes in Central Antarctica – Image: Reproduction

What makes the Ellsworth Mountains so special are their unique geomorphological features, which include sharp, prominent peaks that jut out from the surrounding ice.

Some of these rock formations resemble pyramids, their sharp angles and pointed peaks conjuring a striking resemblance to the famous Great Pyramid. The pyramid in Gizain Egypt.

Although they have been the subject of speculation and conspiracy theories, Antarctica's “pyramids” are actually just mountaintops that have been carved and shaped over time by extreme weather extremes and glacial movement.

Geologists, rock and mineral experts explain that these formations are nunatak, a term used to describe mountains or rocky peaks that emerge from the ice, and are often used as reference points amid vast expanses of icy landscapes.

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The majesty of the mountains in Antarctica It often makes us wonder about its origin and strange shapes. Pyramid-like peaks appear among them, raising interesting speculation and theories.

According to experts, these structures are not as unusual as they seem at first glance.

American researcher Eric Renaut explained that although many peaks may look like partial pyramids, with only one or two faces, the presence of four faces is rare.

The combination of natural elements – snow, ice and wind – have shaped these formations over thousands of years, creating the illusion of a pyramid.

specially, an exercise The pyramidal formation of some mountains is due to erosion caused by cycles of freezing and thawing, a natural and recurring process in Antarctica.

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