iPad Pro gains AI-focused chip; But can it replace a laptop?

iPad Pro gains AI-focused chip;  But can it replace a laptop?

Due to company rules, we cannot mention the names of employees or specify their positions. According to Apple, it prefers to highlight the technologies used in the product and/or systems, not the attitudes of professionals.

Why did it take so long to get a new iPad Pro?

The answer is related to the development of the M4 chip. Without it, the 2024 iPad Pro wouldn't exist, a representative said. This is because the tablet uses new screen technology, where two OLED displays work in an integrated manner to allow for a higher level of brightness, sharpness and contrast.

“We had a specific set of standards and we couldn't make it so we could create this screen. The problem was that there was no chip on the planet that could control it. So it took all this energy and time and everything to fit it together,” he said. .

“A single OLED panel could not produce the brightness we wanted. So what we did was create a new and innovative design where there are two panels, one on top of the other,” he added.

To give you an idea of ​​the comparison, this year's iPad Pro with a 13-inch display runs at a maximum SDR (standard dynamic range) brightness in videos of 1,000 nits (luminance measurement) – the higher that number, the brighter the screen. Oled panels combine to produce this brightness rating.

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