Google Wallet will no longer work on many mobile phones; know more

Google Wallet will no longer work on many mobile phones;  know more

Starting June 10, 2024, the Google Wallet app, also known as Google Wallet, will no longer work on older devices running versions of the Android operating system before Android 8, as well as on watches running versions before Wear OS 2.x. This measure directly affects users who still have outdated technologies.

According to Google's official statement, the change seeks to improve user security by ensuring that the payments application only works on systems that support frequent security updates. “Beginning June 10, 2024, Google Wallet will require Android 9 or later on your phone and Wear OS 2.x or later on your smartwatch,” the company said in a recent announcement.

Why is this update necessary for security?

Google points out that older versions of Android and Wear OS do not contain the latest security features necessary to protect user information in transactions conducted through the application. This includes important security patches and updates that protect personal and financial data from new cyber threats.

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According to Android Studio data, about 86.4% of Android devices have already been updated to Android 9 (Pie) or higher, indicating that the majority of users will not be affected. However, those who still have older devices will face the need to update their operating system, or in some cases, purchase a new device to continue using the full functionality of Google Wallet.

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Google and the importance of updating devices

Hence, the company reiterates the importance of updating devices for user safety and full functionality of contemporary applications. “To help keep wallet features like tap-to-pay transactions more secure, we must be able to push security updates to your device,” the company statement explained.

  • Update required by June 2024.
  • Affects devices running Android before version 9 and watches running Wear OS before version 2.x.
  • The impact will be minimal, since most devices are up to date.
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For more information about updating your device or checking your current operating system version, users can visit the Google technical support website or contact customer support directly.

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