Headphones that look like holes

Headphones that look like holes

Touch commands are practical, but they don't always work. By double clicking, you can play or pause audio, as well as answer calls. When the song is played three times, the song moves to the next song. These are great features, but they didn't always work for me. Some situations require more touch attempts before the headphones respond.

The signal flashes occasionally. While walking down the street or on the subway, the headphones lost the Bluetooth signal with the cell phone (in this case, iPhone) for a few seconds. They reconnected quickly, but I noticed a certain frequency of this situation, at least once a day.

Take extra caution if you have long hair. Since the headphones are fitted and fixed with the help of a structure behind the ears, care must be taken when attaching, releasing or handling long hair. Several times the headphones almost fell off during these movements.

Who will like it?

Huawei FreeClip is very useful for daily life. Whether at work, at home, or walking down the street, the headphone experience was satisfying. It can also be used for physical activities without significant impact (such as jumping, running, and exercises that move the body a lot).

Given the investment required in the headphones (about R$ 1000), the purchase will be more beneficial for those who feel uncomfortable with types of headphones that are too close to the ear canal, as well as enthusiasts of technologies with a different design.

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