Apple acknowledges the problem and promises to fix it

Apple acknowledges the problem and promises to fix it

After many complaints about it spread on the internet, Apple admitted the crash in iPhone 14 Which makes the Pro Max version contain colored horizontal lines flashing on the device screen. The reports started to surface last month, but it was only on Friday (13th) that the company released an internal statement on the matter.

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In the text, the manufacturer acknowledges the existence of the error and is investigating its origin. Although it still doesn’t have a definitive answer for users of the phone, Apple says that the malfunction shouldn’t be due to a physical problem with the hardware, and that an iOS update should fix the problem.

When did the iPhone 14 Pro Max crash start?

According to the website that specializes in items from the manufacturer, MacRumors, the problem had started right after a system update last month. Now, the fix should come in updating to iOS 16.2.1, the iPhone operating system.

The site also reports that some iPhone 14 Pro users have also reported a similar issue when restarting their cell phone.

In Brazil, the iPhone 14 Pro Max was launched for R$10,499. Today, it costs just over R$9,000. This is the most advanced model in the company’s latest lineup.

In 2023, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 15, which promises to bring about major changes, such as a new port for charging a cell phone, after the company was fined by the European Union for not following the USB-C standard.

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