BBB3 champion Dominy receives criticism for his appearance: 'It's going to get worse, you shallow people'

BBB3 champion Dominy receives criticism for his appearance: 'It's going to get worse, you shallow people'

Sabrina Sato's ex-boyfriend vented about the comments he was receiving

May 15
– 10:00 AM

(Updated at 10:15 a.m.)

Domini, Champion of BBB3

Domini, Champion of BBB3

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DominiOn Tuesday, 51 years old, he responded to the criticism he received regarding his physical appearance. hero BBB3 He described his followers as useless, and stated that for those who are upset, he will continue to grow old.

“Boy, I'm posting videos with good topics and people are just complaining about my face. Oh my God, what is this? What nonsense!” I responded to one follower: “We have two choices: grow up or die. I choose first, then I'm sorry, it's going to get worse.” Or will it get better, I don't know, damn it, why are you worried about my face?

In the comments feed for your post, Domini He received support from some fans. “Say go destroy yourself! You're right, I'd rather live,” said one former BBB fan. “The goal is to always find something to criticize,” another follower declared. Another added: “That's right, be happy, I like you.”

Known for his charisma and good sense of humor within BBB, Dhomini was successful in his version. He also gained general popularity due to his in-game relationship with Sabrina Sato. In the end, he won a prize of 500,000 Brazilian reals.

Today, the 51-year-old revealed that he does not follow Sabrina's career out of respect for his wife Adriana and the children he has with her. The last time the two saw each other was in 2020, during the taping of a reality show she did on Record called made in Japan.

“We dated and not just inside: our relationship lasted a year outside. People approach me every day and talk about this topic, always. Here at home we deal with it normally. I don't mind them remembering me, and sometimes,” she called me Sabrina is next to my wife. “Adriana is taking it really well because we like Sabrina so much, we love her so much.”

Duda, Joao Vicente and others: who are Sabrina Sato's ex-boyfriendsDuda, Joao Vicente and others: who are Sabrina Sato's ex-boyfriends

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