Square Enix will go 'aggressively cross-platform'

Square Enix will go 'aggressively cross-platform'

Square Enix will focus on quality over quantity in its flagship games, but with a plan in mind. After canceling several unannounced projects in search of internal reform, the publisher confirmed in an investor meeting how the strategy from now on will be “strongly multi-platform.”

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According to the company, the goal is to create an environment where more consumers can enjoy its products. With this approach, the publisher “will strive to maximize new user acquisition when a title launches and returning user acquisition after starting to manage the game's launch.”

You're obviously thinking of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy XVI, and both PS5 exclusives are expected to arrive on more platforms, especially on PC. But this collection will be even larger, including RPGs from the publisher that were only released for Switch – such as some games from the Octopatch Traveler saga.

It turns out that even this was explained in the documents. This action will particularly affect the largest existing franchises and AAAs in the current catalog.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Source: Square Enix

Of course, another question remains regarding the third part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake project. An agreement on three games is still unknown, as so far only the first two have been guaranteed as “Sony exclusives.”

What else will change within Square Enix?

Within the framework of the above-mentioned document, Square Enix explains that its new strategy is based on four pillars:

  • New stabilization initiatives;
  • improving productivity;
  • Diverse profit opportunities;
  • Balance between return to investors and investment growth;
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Will we see more big Square Enix games reach a wider audience? The future looks promising for the publisher.

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