Will it come to PS Plus? A cloud streaming tab has been added to PS5

Will it come to PS Plus?  A cloud streaming tab has been added to PS5

PS Plus Deluxe subscribers are excited about the PlayStation 5 roster update. As of this week, a tab for the service’s most expensive plan suggests cloud streaming functionality could be added soon.

A feature that fans have been waiting for, cloud streaming has recently begun testing overseas. Unfortunately, it’s limited to the PS Plus Premium plan and also to PlayStation 5 – that is, it’s not available via the Deluxe plan.

However, an update suggests that Sony may be planning to bring this feature to Brazil. With the subscription expansion, members can stream games from the catalog via an online connection, if they have a stable network capable of supporting streaming.

Check the screenshot below:

Source: Tatiana Innes

Unfortunately, when confirming access to the service tab, subscribers are directed to an error page. So, there is nothing concrete about the future addition of the feature.

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Sony has released the list of games that will leave the PS Plus Extra and Deluxe catalogs in October. Far Cry and Yakuza titles have been confirmed in the lineup and are available for a limited time to subscribers. Click here to learn more.

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