Many Xbox games could arrive on PS5 in 2024

Many Xbox games could arrive on PS5 in 2024

After the turbulent period in January and February of this year, and with many unofficial sources hinting that Microsoft Gaming was preparing for a new era, in which it would begin releasing more games from its studios on PlayStation and Nintendo, the official announcement confirmed four games, but the possibility of there being more to come. The road remained open.

Jez Corden from Windows Central decided to reopen the topic, in an article in which he confirmed that Microsoft Gaming is not ruling out any name for the PlayStation 5, if that helps the division increase its profits, and that more ports for the console are already in development from Sony.

After this we have Eurogamer colleagues joined in their voice to Corden and say they are aware of several Microsoft Gaming games whose PS5 versions are currently in development.

Given this, NatetheHate, an already known unofficial source (one of the first to talk about Starfield on PS5 before revealing his invention), He decided to add his voice He also says that several PS5 versions of Microsoft Gaming games are in development that will come to the console in 2024.

NatetheHate also says that Starfield Complete Edition for PlayStation 5 is a strong possibility and explains that saying the port wasn't in active development in January doesn't mean that will change over the next few months.

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