What is it, what is its purpose, and who is the Persian inventor of algorithms?

What is it, what is its purpose, and who is the Persian inventor of algorithms?

However, few details are known about his life. Many of his original works in Arabic have been lost over time.

Who saw that Al-Khoriz? Born in Khorezm region South of the Aral Sea, in present-day Uzbekistan. He lived during the Abbasid Caliphate, which was a period of remarkable scientific progress in the Islamic Empire.

Making Al-Khwarizmi important Contributions For mathematics, geography, astronomy and trigonometry. To help provide a more accurate map of the world, he corrected Ptolemy's classic cartographic book, Geography.

He produced calculations to track the movement of the sun, moon, and planets. He also wrote about trigonometric functions and produced the first table of tangents.

Al-Khwarizmi was one of the scholars of the House of Wisdom.House of Wisdom) in Baghdad. In this Intellectual CenterScientists have translated knowledge from around the world into Arabic, and synthesized it to achieve major advances in a range of disciplines. This included mathematics, which is a field It is closely related to Islam.

The “father” of algebra

Al-Khwarizmi was an encyclopedic and religious man. His scientific writings began with dedication to God and His Messenger Muhammad. And One of the main projects What the Islamic mathematicians at the House of Wisdom did was develop the science of algebra.

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