Bruna Biancardi and Bruna Marquezine are confused at an international event; Fans reaction

Bruna Biancardi and Bruna Marquezine are confused at an international event;  Fans reaction

Bruna Márquezine and Bruna Biancardi are confused at an international event Reproduction/Instagram

What do Bruna Biancardi and Bruna Marquezine have in common? The first name and history of the relationship with Neymar are enough elements of confusion at national and international events.

Little Muffy's mother, as a result of her relationship with the player, went to the Cannes Film Festival in France, and caught attention with her appearance. The international photography agency Shutterstock, responsible for covering the event, mixed up Biancardi and Marchesin, according to information from the O Dia newspaper.

According to Segue a Cami's Instagram profile, Shutterstock had posted Bruna Biancardi's photos in the same file folder as Bruna Marquezine, who was present at this edition of the Met Gala, on May 6. The mistake sparked discussions on the Internet about the physical similarities between Neymar's two ex-girlfriends.

One netizen wrote: “Biancardi has elegance and caution, something that the vulgar-looking Marchesin who always wants to 'stamp him' does not have.” “They have no relationship with each other at all. But people insist on this competition, this unhealthy comparison.” Some users criticized the profile's stance when publishing news and the woman's critical stance in the comments. “How strange this world is where women want to create competitions and fights. These comments are unfortunate,” one user posted on the social network.

Aware of the hatred that fans of the Romar couple have for Biancardi and her daughter, the model commented on this controversy.

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“It was so baseless that I simply did not engage with it or read it. I think it is sad that they are creating a rivalry between two women and inciting hatred towards one of them just because she was in a relationship with the same person. This is 2022.” she said in an interview two years ago.


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