Greedfall 2 trailer reveals new gameplay footage

Greedfall 2 trailer reveals new gameplay footage

Nacon has presented new gameplay footage from Greedfall 2: The Dying World with a new trailer. The video, titled “Doneigada,” gives more details about the maps and shows a short scene of manual labor.

The title promises to expand the concept of an RPG into an immersive simulation game. Players will have access to a wide range of dialogues that will affect the course of the story and will be able to develop survival, diplomacy and stealth skills.

Greedfall 2 will tell the story of a citizen of Teer Fradee. Sent on a mission by the priestess Maeve, he must become a Donegad before protecting his people from the devastating impact on the natural environment.

Watch the new trailer for the game below, which also features several explorable areas (via Gimatsu):

Early access to Greedfall 2 will start later this year

Spiders Studio has confirmed that early access for Greedfall 2 will begin this Brazilian winter. The limited edition will be exclusive to PC and will include the initial campaign chapters, three regions (Teer Fradee, Ryhnia, and Uxantis) and some party members only.

In the future, more content will be added. See the route map below:

Greed 2
Source: Nacon

Greedfall 2: The Dying World will be released in 2025 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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