The doctor was accused of distorting the nose by not performing the operation

The doctor was accused of distorting the nose by not performing the operation

Plastic surgeon Alan Landecker, who was investigated on suspicion of mutilating the nose of former patients, was advised by the Health Supervisory not to perform surgeries at his private clinic, in Jardim America, an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo. The information is from the newspaper O Globo, which obtained the inspection report prepared by the agency in the capital, São Paulo, on June 15 this year.

According to the document, the inspectors reported that they found irregularities in the plastic surgery clinic Landyker, Q “It endangers the health of vulnerable populations, patients, professionals, and employees.”

Due to the problems found, the health watch advised the surgeon “not to perform any kind of surgery, and to allow him to attend medical consultations and cosmetic procedures that do not require surgical tools.”

The newspaper reported that, at the time of the inspection, the clinic did not provide an environmental license to perform the surgeries. Documents provided to inspectors only allow for outpatient medical care.

It does not comply with good health product processing practices, and does not have the human resources, equipment and physical structure in compliance with relevant health legislation Extract from the health monitoring report

According to the report, the inspection concluded that there was no “biological control to prove the efficiency of the sterilization process”, and that the professional responsible for these activities did not have a higher education, which is required by law.

Inspectors also found products in bottles without identification and without an opening date that were not immediately usable, as well as expired creams in the physiotherapy room.

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In a note to the newspaper, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) reported that a new examination was carried out in the clinic on October 14, and that on that occasion, it was found that there is compliance with the ban and that there are new surgical procedures. It is not implemented. The file also stated that it is following the case and will conduct new inspections if necessary.

Pineros County told the newspaper that next Monday it will conduct a new inspection at the facility “to check whether the clinic has an operating license record.”

Al-Jarrah’s lawyers told the newspaper that the final inspection report by the health watchdog certifies “ideal conditions for clinical and outpatient care, which have always been the only activities performed in the institution’s clinic, only in a hospital outsourcing environment.”

One ex-patient says, ‘It stopped my life’

The Sao Paulo Civil Police is investigating cases at two police stations in the city. Previous patients were grouped together and it is estimated that at least 30 people were affected by the physician’s behavior.

Patients interviewed by O Estado de S.Paulo reported post-operatively bacterial and fungal infections that resulted in cartilage loss, months of antibiotic treatment, nasal deformities and difficulty breathing. A group on WhatsApp called “Alan’s Patients” brings together 17 former patients who claim to have suffered damages from the cosmetic procedure. One of them, who filed a complaint against the doctor, said he had registered 24 people with similar reports.

Among the cases is Dr. Thacio Brito de Lima, 30 years old. After his second surgery on Landeker, in May of this year, he claimed he lost his sense of smell and started having trouble breathing. Today, the infection is still treated with antibiotics. “My quality of life has deteriorated a lot since the surgery. During this time, I gained weight, had to stop working out, and take antidepressants. It was so frustrating for me that it made me put my life on hold,” he says. He is waiting for medical records to file a complaint.

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According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat, forensic examinations have been requested for victims who have previously given statements. Five cases are investigated by the 15th DP and one by the 34th DP. He said in a note, “Reports are ongoing, and once completed, they will be analyzed by the police authority. A doctor’s hearing will be conducted during the investigations.”

Surgery was performed on a portion of patients in elite hospitals in São Paulo, such as São Luis de Morumbi, Vila Nova Star, Sirio Libanes and Albert Einstein Israelita. after complaints The surgeon has been removed from his activities In Vila Nova Star, in Sírio-Libanês and Israelita Albert Einstein.

Landeker’s attorneys, Daniel Bielski and Fernando Lautenberg, said in a note to UOL who consider the hospitals’ decision to turn away their clients as a “unilateral and hasty” measure, also declaring that patients did not follow the directions indicated by the doctor in the postoperative period.

Check out the surgeon’s full defense memo, which was sent out yesterday:

“The accusations made by some former patients of Dr. Allan Landecker, who did not follow the suggested treatment or forego the care and guidance that was provided in the treatment of the infection, are untrue. Therefore, no responsibility can be attributed to Dr. Allan for the unilateral decisions made by these former patients who They are now seeking financial compensation.

There are photos that prove the good result of the procedures. The complications reported were later and may be due to failure to follow medical advice. All of them can be reversed if previous patients are willing to comply with protocols.

In addition, the vast majority of infections appeared long after rhinoplasty – more than 30 (thirty) days – which indicates that they may not be related to the surgical procedures.

All patients are instructed about risks and care, recognition term signature and follow-up for up to three years. Attempts to discredit a professional who has 20 years of his career and more than 4000 successful surgeries will receive an appropriate response.

As for the hospitals that have decided to suspend their professional activities, we understand that this situation is unilateral and hasty, and is based only on press stories. The justice of Dr. Alan Landecker’s actions is being demonstrated by the bodies responsible for investigating the facts.”

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