How long should a therapy session last to be effective?

How long should a therapy session last to be effective?

Short-term psychotherapy may be indicated to resolve conflicts, make decisions, guide solutions, evaluate progress, or situations requiring readaptation, reorganization, or life change. It can help the patient overcome current symptoms and problems, increase his emotional maturity and awareness of the limits of reality.

“Even if the session lasts 15 or 20 minutes and is not held every week, it can be ethical and respectful, as long as it fulfills the principles and is appropriate to the specifics of the situation,” explains Yuri Busin, a graduate psychologist from the University of California. PUC-RS.

However, to achieve good results, it will require, on the part of the therapist, greater focus and assertiveness in choosing interventions, and on the part of the patient, greater commitment and commitment to the process and preparation to avoid frustration than expected. Early termination.

“Some analysts also take into account whether the patient has reached an important or revealing point in his (insight) speech to end the session, which can last a few minutes,” explains Eduardo Perrin, psychiatrist and psychotherapist at Unifesp.

This is what happens in Lacanian psychoanalysis, a line of psychology based on the ideas of psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. The main difference between it and Freudian psychoanalysis is the duration of the sessions. While Freud set a fixed time of about 50 minutes for each session, Lacan proposed a variable time based on the dynamics of the unconscious and the patient’s speech.

It’s not always a good idea to be in a hurry

Time-limited treatments may not be appropriate for very complex cases that require long, in-depth treatment and are personality-related, interviewees agree. Depending on the case, they sometimes affect the quality and effectiveness of the intervention, leading to limitations for the professional and the patient.

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