Risa Soares will leave the Ministry of Health to run in the 2022 elections

Risa Soares will leave the Ministry of Health to run in the 2022 elections

Dr. Raisa Soares, Minister of Health of Porto Seguro, will leave office by the end of this October to invest in her political career and run for the 2022 elections. Her husband, Geraldo Soares, confirmed this information in an interview on Wednesday. (20) for Radar 64. The decision was supported by Mayor Janio Natal. During the coronavirus pandemic, the doctor gained notoriety for his advocacy of the so-called “Kit Covid,” and became known as Doctor Chloroquine.

At the moment, it has been decided that she will run for the Senate, at the express request of President Jair Bolsonaro, whom she supports. However, the possibility of running for the Bahia government is not excluded. Giraldo explains that “everything will depend on the political configuration that will be formed.”

However, he remembers that before deciding on the situation and starting the pre-election campaign, it is necessary to decide which party the female president will join, which will be Bolsonaro’s party, “for the sake of consistency.” The president, who has been without a party since leaving the Socialist Party, has yet to choose a party.

Raisa has been known to advocate early treatment

enemies The current secretary’s decision to run for political office is recent and was motivated by a number of factors, including what Giraldo calls her “survival instinct,” because “in the 22 months of the pandemic, it has helped save thousands of lives, but also amassed many political enemies.” with an ideological bias.

Well placed in search – According to polls, Raíssa Soares is the most cited name in Bahia for the Senate, with between 33% and 34% of voting intentions, says her husband. It also ranks well in state government preference, ranking third, with 10% of voting intentions without the president’s support and between 17% and 19% when combined with Bolsonaro’s name.

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Giraldo also points out that the doctor has a rejection of only 2% and is known in 85% of Bahia’s municipalities, as shown in the surveys.

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