Discover the 10 strangest and strangest sports in the world: which ones will you play? Watch videos

Discover the 10 strangest and strangest sports in the world: which ones will you play?  Watch videos

Brazilians are great fans soccer They are interested in many other sports, such as: volleyball, Basketball, Motorsport, boxing, swimming… But, beyond traditional sports, there are many unusual practices spread throughout the country. condition It lists ten strange and different sports that unite fans around the world as well. Some of these sports have a large number of fans and may seem like entertainment, but they are sports.

Have you ever heard of handball? Know that Brazil is one of the leading countries in sports. In July, the Brazilian national team won the bronze medal in the World Cup tournament held in Meinheim, Germany, the most distinguished country in this sport. Panhoball is played on grass and is similar to volleyball and tennis. With five competitors on each team, the goal is for the opponent to be unable to defend their attack and prevent the ball from bouncing twice in a row into their court. Attacks are made with the fist, while defenses can be performed with the forearm.

This is how the vast majority of Brazilians have practiced it at some point, especially at birthday parties. It can be good entertainment. The goal is to prevent the balloon from falling to the ground in an environment full of obstacles. The rivals take the conflict literally and do diabolical things to achieve the goal.

Another way to awaken the younger version of everyone, from classes to big competitions. Each person is responsible for folding their own kite into two different evaluation disciplines: Longest Flying Distance and Longest Flying Time. You may see on social media fans of clubs in Europe flying kites into stadiums and following their journey to the pitch. When this happens, the audience cheers.

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Pillow Fight became a sport in 2022. That’s right. This is done within a ring, octagon or platform suitable for fighting. There’s now an organization for that sibling game my mom used to have at home. Heroism draws attention because it presents a serious disagreement with something generally used in the “wars” of childhood. In this sport, creativity and looking to surprise the opponent are important.

Sepak is a combination of volleyball and soccer on an indoor court. Competitors perform acrobatic movements to hit the ball and throw it to the opposite side of the field without the opponent being able to defend it. Its practitioners are real gymnasts, capable of performing movements that are difficult for ordinary people.

Buzkashi is an Asian team sport. When riding horses, competitors must attempt to grab the goat’s carcass, without its head, free themselves from their opponents and throw them into a circular area. There is no news about its practice in Brazil.

The sport, recently dubbed “vegan riding,” has a history in Finland and brings together women between the ages of 12 and 25. Just like in horseback riding, participants must complete the obstacle course by riding a toy horse. The secret is not in the wooden horse, but in the player’s agility. Breathing is a condition.

As with the traditional physical strength iron arm seen in movies, the iron thumb measures an opponent’s strength. But in this case the big toe is used. There is a judge who monitors the disputes and guides the competitors.

Traditional in the United Kingdom, this method has its main event held once a year. The contestants go down the hill in search of a three-kilogram piece of cheese. Whoever can carry the cheese or reach the end of the hill first is the winner. It is a festival of fall and fall.

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Chess boxing, as its name suggests, combines two opposing methods. Rounds are played in the ring and others are played in front of the board. Each round of boxing lasts three minutes, while in chess each competitor has a total of nine minutes to play throughout the encounter. Whoever knocks out or crushes his opponent wins.

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