A UK representative visits the Chico Mendes extractive reserve in Zaporí

A UK representative visits the Chico Mendes extractive reserve in Zaporí
Published on 12/04/2024 at 16:54

With the aim of reinforcing the importance of international support for forest conservation and improving the lives of forest people, the Forest Portfolio Manager of the UK Investment Climate Fund (ICF) in Brazil, Erika Melhorance Gouveia, visited the Extractive Reserve (Resex) Chico Mendes, in Záporí (AC), this Thursday, 11.

Erica Gouveia learned about one of the initiatives funded by the United Kingdom, through the REM programme, which provides financial incentives to families whose main source of income is extraction.

In Acre, the REM program benefits nearly 600 extractive workers as a regular payment of rubber subsidies.

The agenda was chaired by the General Coordinator of the REM Acre Program, Marta Azevedo, the Executive Director of the Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Services Regulation (IMC), Jaxilandi Araujo, and Elsa Mendoza, from the international consultancy for the implementation of the REM Acre Program. REM Acre Program – Phase Two.

Also following the agenda were the Executive Secretary of the Environmental Services Incentive System (Sisa) Administration of the IMC, Andrea Reyes, and Soldier of the Acre State Military Fire Brigade (CBMAC), Gerbson Francisco Nogueira Maya.

The delegation enjoyed a visit to the property of environmental activist and cousin of Chico Méndez, Raymundo Méndez, known as Raymundão. The environmental leader recalled the clashes, challenges and achievements alongside Chief Chico Mendes.

Raimondão Méndez stressed the importance of continued international support, including the United Kingdom, to pursue and evaluate public forest conservation policies, and to make important considerations for new projects that combine forest conservation with improving lives in communities.

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Next, the ICF Director from the UK in Brazil visited Casa de Chico Mendes and the headquarters of the 8th Battalion of the Xapuri Fire Department, which also receives financial support from REM to take action to confront and combat illegal deforestation.

Speaking about the international partnership, Erika Gouveia confirmed the UK’s commitment to allocate more than R$3 billion to Brazil for projects aimed at protecting the climate and nature to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

She pointed out that last year, British Chancellor James Cleverly signed an official agenda in Itamaraty and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, on the UK-Brazil partnership for green and inclusive growth.

The initiative foresees investments in forests, knowledge exchange, political cooperation, support for sustainable agriculture, climate finance, and energy transition programmes.

[Agência de Notícias do Acre]

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