Giro da Tribuna pela Esporte: Serrano must forget about 2020 and focus on getting to the A-2 series

Giro da Tribuna pela Esporte: Serrano must forget about 2020 and focus on getting to the A-2 series

03 / May 09:28

Written by Roberto Marcio – for the Petropolis Tribune

Serrano has not yet determined the technical committee. All that remains is for Interfut to announce the name of the coach who will lead the team in this year’s B1 State Championship. Hermes Junior is the strongest name to take on the role. It would be a perfect opportunity to turn the switch on and forget about the 2020 debut, whose numbers have dampened the crowd.

The team remained in Serie B1, which sparked a discussion on social media if Serrano did not relegate to the third division. This is because the Rio Football Association created Series A1 (Elite) and A2 (Elite Access Division). Then B1 appears. Since the Sierra Lion was not among the top eight, it remained in the Serie B (or fallen, depending on the point of view).

See an x-ray of the Serrano, while driven by Maurinho Fonseca, in the 2020 B1 series:

Santos Dumont Cup – first round

First appearance after a 3-2 win over Sierra Macaense – Uberajara Reis

* Solved in fourth place with 13 points

4 wins

Draws 1

Losses 3

Goals scored 12

Goals against 12

Corcovado Cup – Second round

* He finished eighth with eight points

2 wins

Paints 2

Losses 4

Goals scored 9

Goals against 11

* Finished the championship in ninth place with 21 points

Agita Petropolis became the subject of a science article published by a physical education student

Physical education teacher Rafael dos Santos Coutinho, 23, used Agita Petropolis as the theme for the conclusion of the course, the first program to encourage physical activity in the city, established in 2017. There are more than 2,000 Petropolis who have served in 15 neighborhoods. Program creator in 2017, interim Mayor Hengo Hams wants to expand activities to more locations this year.

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There is still no confirmation of the Petropolis stage of the World Cup in Petropolis

Although there are already specific dates in the calendars of cycling regulators, the International Cycling Federation (UCI), the Brazilian Cycling Federation (CBC) and the state federations, the International Mountain Bike Cup appears unknown. The oil stage of the important competition is scheduled to start from September 24-26, on the track in Vale do Cuiabá, but everything will depend on the state of control of the epidemic here.

LPD accompanies the school flexibility to return to football

With their return to school, in a hybrid fashion, they are escorted by the Petroleum Sports League, which anticipates a gradual return as a sign that within months, the municipal government will allow the return. For now, the entity is still waiting for the health measures to be eased, knowing that the large numbers of infected people upon restart will have to wait.

LPD accompanies the school flexibility to return to Football 2

By the way, LPD intends to try rallying with clubs until the second half of this month. According to President Jose Neto, the idea is to present the calendar and work proposal for the current season. The entity wants to hold the Municipal Master’s Championships – in the 50 and 40 classes – and handball and volleyball for adults, which will remain for the second semester.

The excitement of European football fans

In the first week of the month, sports fans can already be delighted with two crucial Champions League matches between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City on Tuesday and Chelsea and Real Madrid on Wednesday. The grand final of the competition will take place on the 29th to crown the next owner in Europe in the 2020/2021 season.

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A passion for football fans of the Americas

In addition to this major disagreement, Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, at CONMEBOL TV, are not disqualified, as they bring throughout the month many important and fierce matches to rank the Brazilian teams in the competition. With Flamengo and Fluminense on the field, for Liberta, a lot of emotion awaits us on the week’s tour for these two clubs.

Brazilian soccer international experience

With the arrival of new sports ventures in the UK and Brazil, these opportunities will be expanded in two of the biggest markets in world football. In the United Kingdom, LaLiga entered into a multi-year partnership with Swerve Soccer and Bede’s Summer School to bring LaLiga coaching methodology to football stadiums in the south of England, while launching the LaLiga soccer schools program across Brazil, in partnership with Think Sports.

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