Suspicious Premier League club owners could be banned by government English football

Suspicious Premier League club owners could be banned by government  English football

The UK Government introduced the Football Governance Bill to Parliament on Tuesday.. This law will establish an independent football regulatory body, with influence over the distribution of competition revenues. This body will have the power to take over clubs Premier League Bad friends.

Premier League clubs will be closely monitored by the British government – Image: Getty Images

This regulatory institution will investigate the source of funds of the potential buyer of the club's shares. It could deprive some owners of their rights to manage clubs, force them to sell their shares, or even ban them. This will occur in cases where owners and managers fail the test.

The independent body will verify the clubs' financial health and their ability to demonstrate “sound financial practices” when authorizing the licence. It will also ensure that fans are consulted on key issues affecting the clubs.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that some clubs have long been abused by unscrupulous owners, who have gotten away with financial mismanagement that, in a worst-case scenario, could lead to total collapse.

The Football Governance Bill took two years of consultation until it was published on Tuesday. More details will be determined during the process with parliamentarians.

The English Premier League spoke about this matter on Monday. The English Premier League said it will study the football governance law and will work “in cooperation with the government” and parliamentarians. The League Party advocates a “proportional” system of funding for the English football pyramid, and is “concerned” about the consequences of legislation that could weaken its competitiveness.

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