Women's football still suffers from bias. And this is not only in Brazil

Women's football still suffers from bias.  And this is not only in Brazil

The FIFA Women's World Cup, which begins on Wednesday (20/7), is another step towards reducing the bias that exists towards women in the sport.

Research conducted in the UK shows a misogynistic attitude that 68% of men have towards sport, when played by women. Accordingly, psychologist Jean-Louis Leonardi pointed out some of the main reasons for this bias:

Cultural perception: Football is seen as a masculine sport, and has historically been dominated by men.

Sexism: Unfortunately, sexism still exists in our society.

Investment inequality: Women's football receives less investment than men's football, which may give the impression that it is of lower quality or less importance.

Lack of vision: It receives less media attention. This can lead to a vicious cycle: the media justify their lack of coverage by claiming that there is not enough interest in women's football; Without media coverage, the sport finds it difficult to attract new fans and players.

Shorter story: Its history is much shorter than that of males. The first men's FIFA World Cup was held in 1930, while the first women's FIFA World Cup was held 60 years later, in 1991.

Anyway, according to research – also according to psychologist Jean-Louis Leonardi – people are used to seeing men playing football and hearing male voices narrating the matches.

Over time, we began to normalize these situations. The things that are fixed and permanent in our culture tend to become the standards that we accept.

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