Daffy, Juninho and Thalita are on the second wall. Vote · TV News

Daffy, Juninho and Thalita are on the second wall.  Vote · TV News

Davi Brito, Juninho and Thalita Alves are present on the second wall of BBB 24. The lights were formed during the live program on Friday (12). On Sunday (14), another participant will be excluded from Globo's confinement programme. Who do you want to stay in the game? Vote in the poll the news In this text.

Tadeo Schmidt confirmed the immunity of Matheus Amaral, winner of the Prova do Anjou race. He even obtained the right to immunize a fellow prisoner. The brother fortified Lucas Pizan.

After that, the broadcaster asked Commander Rodriginho to give his direct recommendation to the wall. He had to choose between Duffy, Beatriz Reis, and Isabel Nogueira, as his goals were already set. As he already promised, he targeted the application driver.

“I thought that day would be the formation of the wall, and I had already chosen my vote, and it would be Davey. That day I promised that I would not put the girls on the wall, and I must keep my word. No one votes, but my criterion is that he votes for me first,” Albagodero explained. .

Then Taddeo began voting in the confessional. Juninho and Raccolo Cardozo were the most vocal members of the council, receiving six votes each. Rodriginho had to break the tie and choose the motorcycle courier. The brother pulled Thalita into the spotlight.

Who voted for whom?

  • Alan Dias voted for Giovanna Bittel
  • Lucas Luigi voices Juninho
  • Denizian Ferreira voted for Raccolo Cardozo
  • Fernanda Bande voted for Alan Dias
  • Giovanna Beitel voted for Raccolo Cardoso
  • MC Bin Laden voted for Raquel Cardozo
  • Vinicius Rodriguez voted for Marcos Vinicius
  • Giovanna Lima voted for Juninho
  • Lady Elaine voted for Lucas Luigi
  • Wanessa Camargo voted for Juninho
  • Davi Brito voted for Lucas Luigi
  • Juninho voted for Denisian Ferreira
  • Lucas Pizan voted for Raccolo Cardoso
  • Isabel Nogueira voted for Hayek's regime
  • Talita Alves voted for Juninho
  • Beatriz Reyes voted for Fernanda Bande
  • Michele Nogueira voted for Giovanna Beitel
  • Marcus Vinicius voted for Giovanna Beitel
  • Rango Cardozo voted for Juninho
  • Lucas Henrique voted for Marcos Vinicius
  • Vanessa Lopez voted for Thalita Alves
  • Yasmin Brunet voted for Juninho
  • The Hayek regime voted for Raquel Cardoso
  • Mateus Amaral voted for Raccolo Cardoso
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Polls are not scientific in nature, they only depict a trend on the part of Big Brother Brasil viewers. The official result of the first wall is obtained by voting on the Gshow website and will be announced in the Sunday (14) edition.

Who is the VIP leader?

He chose Rodriginho Mateus, Giovanna Bettel, Fernanda, Lucas Pizan, Nizam, Denizian, Vinicius, Jasmine and Ianessa Camargo. Other participants are in Xepa.

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