“Lula” was welcomed upon its debut at the festival

“Lula” was welcomed upon its debut at the festival

Although clearly pro-Lula, the documentary takes care to contextualize Brazil's recent history very well, explaining the process to a wider audience than the Brazilian public.

“I know there are good films about Lola. I saw 'Democracia em Vertiem' by Petra Costa. It's a very good film, I really liked it. But it's a Brazilian film and it has details that audiences in North America or Europe might like. “I'm not interested So, my documentary is a little broader and less detailed, and she (Petra) did a great job,” the director said in an interview with Splash UOL in December 2022, during the Red Sea International Film Festival. He was president of the jury.

Dialogue with an international audience

At the time, his team had just finished filming Lula's election day, and was still working on the final clip. In fact, “Lula” is a documentary that speaks to a global audience, not well-versed in Latin American politics or Brazilian politics, but it could serve a Brazilian audience very well, who will be able to see not only contemporary history reviewed and reviewed. Summarized, but also explained.

It's clear that Stone's opinion is present in every frame. The director and his conversations with Lula on several occasions also serve as a driver of the narrative, which also does not exclude the United States and its interference in Brazilian political decision-making. The film's director clearly states that North America was involved in the overthrow of Dilma (Rousseff) and Lula, and relies on statements by journalist Glenn Greenwald, who also analyzes Vasa Gato.

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“It's very interesting. We go there, but we don't go into much depth about where the State Department intersects (in North America) with Sergio Moro and the Brazilian right. But this was a dirty story. Another crime among hundreds committed by the United States.” “The United States is committed to South America,” Stone commented in 2022. This thesis is present in the documentary, as is the Brazilian Walter Delgatti Neto, Reid, or “Vaza Jato hacker,” who provided Greenwald with leaks of conversations from Lava Jato, the case that changed the course of History and led to Lula's release in 2019.

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