'One of the best things I've ever seen': Stephen King surrenders to Netflix's recent success and is grateful Crazy Obsession was released first – Series News

'One of the best things I've ever seen': Stephen King surrenders to Netflix's recent success and is grateful Crazy Obsession was released first – Series News

The famous author has been impressed with the new series that is taking the streaming platform by storm and is being compared to one of his most beloved works.

We've grown accustomed to the opinions that Stephen King tends to give us about different series and films via his X – formerly Twitter – account, and we expected nothing less than to see him interact with Baby Reindeer. The thriller was released on Netflix A few weeks ago, in addition to quickly becoming one of the biggest hits on the streaming platform so far in 2024, it has been the subject of comparisons to one of the writer's most famous works, Louca Obsessão, since the beginning.

After a brief first reaction that summed up his pleasant surprise in a few words, King himself this week shared the script about Baby Reindeer that the prestigious newspaper The Times had commissioned from him and which he claimed to have written with great pleasure: “I don't think I've ever been paid to write about such a wonderful series.

The author, a master of horror, was no doubt impressed by the story of Richard Gadd, who created and stars in the acclaimed novel based on a traumatic real-life experience, which makes the rawness of the Netflix series even more powerful.

“Last week, I was at the store buying some snacks when an acquaintance asked me if I had seen a baby reindeer,” Stephen King recalls at the beginning of his article. “He said that surprised him. This guy is in his sixties and I couldn't imagine him watching cartoons, so I asked him what it was about. First, he said it wasn't a children's show. Second, in his opinion, the show made Crazy Obsession, both the book I wrote and the movie, look like… Cartoon series for children.

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The writer, who does not hesitate to call it “one of the best things he has ever seen,” was able to see for himself that his neighbor was not exaggerating the fact that Baby Reindeer was worthwhile: “Like 13.3 million other Netflix subscribers… “I tried it and became engrossed and unable to look away.”

My first thought was, thank God my version came out first, otherwise people will think I stole it from Richard Gadd, who wrote and produced all seven episodes.

“Unlike most episodes of online series, which can feel a little bloated at 50 minutes or even longer,” King reflects, “Baby Reindeer episodes, which are each about 30 minutes long, are like short stabs and quick turns that are Managing it with a very sharp knife.”

If you haven't already, it's not too late to check out one of the best series on Netflix in 2024: all seven episodes pack in under four hours and are now available in full in the platform's catalog.

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