Tony Ramos: Denise Fraga talks about the actor's health after a hospital visit

Tony Ramos: Denise Fraga talks about the actor's health after a hospital visit

Actress Denise Fraga (59 years old) visited actor Tony Ramos (75 years old) and talked about the health condition of her friend, who underwent surgery due to an intracranial hemorrhage. The artists play the starring role in the play “We Only Know Together,” the sessions of which were canceled due to the actor’s health.

“Guys, I wanted to thank you so much for your affection. Life plays tricks on us, but it was a shock, I'm so relieved. We've just seen Tony in the hospital, he's doing very well, and the surgery was a success,” she said.

The actress added: “He's fine, he's talking, he's telling jokes… the Tony we know, and now we have to keep praying for his speedy recovery.”

Dennis took the opportunity to talk about the canceled sessions. “I want to thank you for your understanding because we had to cancel some sessions of the play, and whoever got their tickets back, don't worry, we will hold new sessions so you can watch them,” he guarantees.

The actress concludes: “I am very relieved and very happy that he is doing very well.” Watch here.


Actor Tony Ramos was hospitalized on Thursday night (16) due to a brain hemorrhage. On this occasion, the Samaritano de Botafogo Hospital, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, where he is receiving treatment, He explained that the artist underwent “surgery to drain a subdural hematoma.”That it was successful and that it was “stable.”

Friday (17) The health unit explained that the artist “underwent a new CT scan of the skull.”Which “showed significant improvement.”

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He explained, “Tony Ramos is breathing without the help of devices, and he is clear and his health condition is stable.”

Tony He will take the stage at the Toca Theater on Friday and the weekend with actress Denise Fraga, but performances have been cancelled. The two stars in the play “We Only Know Together,” the theme of which is empathy, the ability to “honestly” put oneself in another person’s shoes, “understand their fears,” and “bring their joys, transformations, and accomplishments as well.” .

“Only What We Know Together” premiered on April 26, 2024 at the Toca Theater and will then travel to Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Brasilia.

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