Cooperative encourages customers to join the digital bank payment voucher and donate the value of the physical issuance to entities

unimed londrina 19 07 2021 With the aim of connecting aspects of environmental conservation, sustainability and social well-being, Unimed Londrina promotes a solidarity campaign, which encourages the exchange of physical payment vouchers in exchange for digital ones. “The digital version of the bank voucher is a way for the beneficiary to receive the account and access it from anywhere. In this campaign, we are combining environmental and social benefits, as we hope to collaborate with the preservation of the environment while helping important social institutions in the city,” Fabian Peugetti highlights , Director of Sustainability at Unimed Londrina.

Help The assistance to enterprises will be through savings resulting from reducing paper consumption and the cost of sending payment vouchers to partner entities, explains Unimed Londrina’s Chief Financial Officer, Joao Battista Ferreira da Silva. “For each individual contract that commits to the digital ticket, the cooperative will donate R$5, and the donation will be used to purchase cleaning supplies and food for the NGO Viver, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the University Hospital (HU).”

printing press – Monthly, Londrina Unimed prints 31 thousand bank vouchers. Migrating this amount to its digital version means avoiding the monthly use of 62,000 sheets, which would save 72 trees per year.

Water and greenhouse gases – In addition, 620 thousand liters of water can be saved and more tons of greenhouse gases used in the production and transportation of bills.

How to join the digital pallet? – To apply, you must have a health plan, access to the APP Unimed Cliente PR or the website Membership registration. When joining the campaign, the beneficiary will receive the bank receipt in the email registered in the system. (Londrina Unimed Press)

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