The UK Prime Minister issued a warning before announcing the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

The UK Prime Minister issued a warning before announcing the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

London, – Prime Minister (PM) English Boris Johnson will urge citizens to exercise caution before his government confirms its plans to eliminate almost everything. Covid-19 restrictions Staying in the UK from 19th July.

The plan is under consideration despite an increase in cases to levels not seen in months.

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Earlier this week, Johnson introduced a proposal to remove rules around mask-wearing and socializing, and instructions for working from home.

He described the plan as a “one-way road to freedom”.

He will announce his final decision at a press conference on Monday (12/07/2021).

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“The global epidemic is not over yet,” he said in a statement issued on Sunday evening (07/11/2021). Reuters.

“Cases will increase as we open them up (Covid-19 restrictions), so when we confirm our plans today, our message will be clear. Care is very important and we all have to take responsibility not to reverse our progress.”

The UK has implemented one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world. More than 87 percent of adults received at least one dose. Vaccine for COVID-1966 percent received a second dose.

However, in recent weeks in the UK there has been a marked rise in infections, to levels not seen since the winter.

The government says that while cases have risen dramatically, deaths and hospitalizations are still much lower than before.

This case is evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine is a safer and life-saving way to unlock Covid-19 restrictions.

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AP PHOTO / David Cliff Fans leave Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday 11 July 2021 after Italy won the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

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Nadim al-Zahawi, who oversees vaccines as a minister in the Ministry of Health, was more cautious on Sunday (11/07/2021).

He said that while masks are no longer mandatory, the guidelines state that “people are expected to wear masks indoors.”

Johnson’s office said the green light to lift restrictions depends on four tests: adequate vaccines, a vaccine that reduces hospitalizations and deaths, stress-free hospitals, and a variant that does not pose very high risks.

Several scholars and officials expressed concern that the authorities were moving too quickly.

Professor Susan Hopkins of Health Popkins in England said: “I know the government is desperate to get people back to work, but I think in the next four to six weeks companies will need to implement it very carefully to keep transmission under control.” Radio Times.

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