Benedict Cumberbatch shelters a Ukrainian refugee family at home; Understanding Rolling Stone

Benedict Cumberbatch shelters a Ukrainian refugee family at home;  Understanding Rolling Stone

The curious translator of Dr. Marvel Benedict Cumberbatch working on the UK refugee resettlement system

Demetrius Vlahos (under the direction of Eduardo do Valle) Posted on 04/28/2022 at 10:19 am

Benedict CumberbatchTranslator Dr. Gharib In the Marvel Cinematic UniverseYou must host a family of Ukrainian refugees in their home. As revealed to Sky News While promoting the upcoming hero movie last Tuesday the 26th, the actor wanted to give them “stability”.

After joining the UK refugee resettlement programme, Cumberbatch Helps pay for housing for some of them: “I try to help other Ukrainian families accommodate them. The cost is high, so I try to help financially in some cases.”

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The actor described the conditions in the family that he would have: “They managed to get out of Ukraine. I monitor their progress daily. Unfortunately, they are undergoing medical treatment. To say more than that would be an invasion of their privacy and to talk about when and how they will arrive they will invade mines. “

“I want to give them some stability inside my house after the turmoil they’ve been through”, Benedict Done.

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In addition to financial assistance and accommodation, it is called a Foundation Refugees at home (refugees at homein the free translation) also works with psychological support “to cope with trauma. Although we are kind and generous as hosts, we do not have the skills of mental health professionals to deal with these problems,” the actor explained.

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Crisis in Russia and Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir PutinRussia’s president ordered an attack on Ukraine on February 24, thwarting diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict. The reasons were varied, ranging from the expansion of Putin’s influence to separatist movements in Ukraine – as well as the annexation of territory in the giant country and the convergence of Western influences.

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Since the beginning of the conflict, thousands of Ukrainians have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Russia reiterates again that it will not attack civilian lands, but there were reports of missiles falling in cities, in addition to the effects of the repercussions on air intercepts.

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