Filled with passion, a solemn session at Alesp honors dental professionals

Filled with passion, a solemn session at Alesp honors dental professionals

An official session held on Friday (23) in the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo paid tribute to the professionals working in the field of dentistry. The event allowed municipal and provincial representatives of the Regional Dental Council of the State of São Paulo (CROSP) to take office, give special recognition to colleagues who have completed 50 years in the entity and hand over the Tiradentes Medal to a professional who has been on the front line in dealing with Covid during the pandemic. The initiative came from Congresswoman Ana Carolina Serra (Citizen).

“Talking about the importance of the work of dental professionals for each of us Brazilians will be superfluous. We need to work on the performance and strengthening of legislation in the region, focusing on working conditions, employment relations and wages received,” said the deputy. “We know that oral health ensures the overall health of our bodies. However, this service is still not available to a large part of our population. We need to work to include the most vulnerable, and to provide free and comprehensive care through this important policy that we have, which is a unified health system” Anna Carolina added.

pillars of health

Brazil is currently the country with the most employed dental professionals, employing about 400,000 people in various specialties. Just distributed all the municipalities in Sao Paulo, there are more than 150 thousand. “We are proud to have such committed and qualified professionals, making dentistry one of the strongest pillars of health for many years in São Paulo and Brazil. You, who have completed 50 years of registration, are beacons for the youngest,” noted Braz Antunes, President of Crosp.

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mission accomplished

Dentist Denis Calauta Operations, the first Brazilian health professional to receive a still-tested vaccine against the coronavirus, presented by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, was honored with the Tiradentes Medal, sponsor of dental professionals.

Her acceptance speech was one of the most emotional moments of the event at Alesp plenary session: “I accept, moved and deeply grateful, the medal they have bestowed on me, with the obligation to never measure efforts to make myself worthy of such recognition. We want to share this medal with countless colleagues Anonymous professionals who, throughout the pandemic, have consciously shouldered the risks of infection and have remained steadfast in defense of those who have entrusted their lives to us,” Dennis explained. “We lost family members, friends, colleagues and cried for unknown people with whom we had bonds of unconditional love. We were witnesses to very lonely deaths. But we fulfilled our mission, in the dental profession, in the history of this world,” she continued, a professional who, even during the pandemic, was Dental coordinator in six intensive care units (ICUs) at So Paulo Hospital. Dennis is also the head of the hospital’s Dental Crosp Technical Room.


Also attending the formal session board were: Silvio Jorge Cecchito, President of the Brazilian Association of Dental Surgeons (ABCD); Claudio Miyake, Secretary General of the Federal Dental Council; Wilson Chidic, MD, President of the Association of Paulista Dental Surgeons (APCD); Jairo Correa, President of the São Paulo Association of Orthodontists (SPO); and Jose Henrique dos Santos, President of the Dental Prosthetics Association.

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