Barbacena acquires the astronomical observatory – Barbacena Online

Barbacena acquires the astronomical observatory – Barbacena Online

For thousands of years, observing the stars, planets, galaxies, moon and sun has been one of the most curious and admired practices among people. Barbacena and the region now have a mobile astronomical observatory, which already began its activities in July, but from October onwards it will have another telescope, coming directly from southern Brazil. You can follow the activities on Instagram (@delton.mendes/ @casadacienciaedacultura)

According to Dr. Dilton Mendez, director and creator of Casa da Ciência e da Cultura de Barbacena: The popular astronomical observatory aims to make it easier for people, of any age, to observe celestial objects with telescopes, allowing those interested to admire the universe and fascinating astronomical events. In other cities there will also be an observatory because it is mobile. This property also allows equipment and events to be held in several different locations within Barbacena..

Registration takes place on an ongoing basis, meaning that at any time interested parties can register on some of the vacancy reservation forms below. Attention: There are three different forms: observing the night sky, observing the sun (with special equipment, sunset, telescope) and contracting by schools and other institutions, so that the observatory can go to these institutions. Interested parties may register for as many forms as they wish. But it’s a backup list!

1- Form for booking places in night sky observation events (the moon, planets of the solar system, etc.):

2 – Form to reserve places for observing the sun, sunset and the moon during the day (with a telescope and other equipment and projecting the sun onto the screen to observe sunspots):

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3- Contract model with other institutions for the presence of the mobile observatory in schools, universities, companies, etc.:

What is the House of Science and Culture and who is Dr. Delton Mendez Francelino?

Dilton Mendez received his PhD from UFMG, is a professor and scientist, with 3 degrees and also 2 Master’s degrees. He has extensive experience in scholarly publishing and science communication/education, and is recognized internationally for his methods and work. The Casa da Ciência de Barbacena was created by him and its methodology consists of a network of urban, natural and rural spaces, where different types of events take place, always with the aim of connecting science, strengthening the connections between people and these environments, nature, astronomy and much more.

Other information: WhatsApp (32) 98451 9914

Scientific publishing support: Samara Autopeças, electronic media aggregator Barbacena Online and SEAM – Environmental Services.

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