A British businessman is about to become the world's first “gypsy” billionaire

A British businessman is about to become the world's first “gypsy” billionaire

Alfie Best, a British businessman worth £947 million (R$6.1 billion), is about to become the world's first Roma billionaire. His wealth rose by 202 million pounds last year, according to the rich list published by the newspaper times.

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Best is currently the richest gypsy in the UK, and is among the 350 men and women with the greatest fortunes in the country. He is the founder of Wyldecrest Parks, a parks company of Trailers It operates 101 units, ten of which are holiday parks. The company is responsible for his entire fortune, which amounts to £947 million.

Diversifying British investments

In addition to his property empire, Best owns East Thurrock United, an Essex football club outside the top leagues. The purchase took place during the Covid-19 pandemic, a period in which the semi-professional team faced financial problems.

With the success of his tourism project, his enormous wealth increased by 202 million pounds sterling last year. In 2023, according to the list timesBest's fortune was £745 million (R$4.8 billion).

Moving to Monaco and criticizing the United Kingdom

However, Best made the decision to leave the UK and live as a tax exile in Monaco in April 2024. He told the newspaper: “Britain has to wake up – we are losing wealth creators.” “Our tax system and trade regulations sterilize the few powerful people who build economies.”

The businessman said that entrepreneurs are important because they start businesses and create jobs. “Brexit was a golden opportunity to create a fast-growing, pro-entrepreneurship environment,” he said. “This opportunity has been completely missed.”

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Businessman reports asset disposal

Before the move, Best went on a sales spree. He has disposed of eight supercars worth millions, and his seven-seater Airbus ACH130 helicopter worth £4.5 million. The aircraft was designed by Aston Martin, bearing production number 007 and registration G-YPSE on the fuselage.

The best is in a two-bedroom apartment in Monaco, overlooking the famous Formula 1 stadium: “I thought Rishi Sunak would be like the second Messiah of our country – a supporter of the creators of wealth,” he said, referring to the country’s prime minister. United Kingdom. “There was someone “He knows business and was married to a wealthy family. How wrong I was.”

Diversified real estate portfolio

The father-of-two has a huge property portfolio, with ten villas to rent in Barbados and a golf course in Herefordshire. He also owns homes in and around London with a total value of around £30 million.

If Best makes his first billionaire soon, he will join the ranks of the UK's 165 billionaires.

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