How to get 5% cashback from Nubank on Amazon Prime Mega offer

How to get 5% cashback from Nubank on Amazon Prime Mega offer
Check out Get 5% Cashback from Nubank on Amazon Prime Mega Offer

a Amazon Prime Mega Offer The year 2023 started with a bang on the 10th of this month, and it is expected that Amazon and Nubank customers will be able to avail various discounts on e-commerce. Good news for regular online shopping customers: Nubank digital bank customers will receive more benefits when making purchases.

According to information from the digital bank, Nubank customers will get 5% cashback on purchases made through the Nubank Shopping widget during the Amazon Prime promotion. This means that the savings during this offer are more guaranteed!

What is Amazon Prime Mega Offer?

This year, the offer was launched on October 10th and runs until October 11th. For Amazon Prime members, exclusive discounts and free shipping will be available throughout Brazil. Nubank customers also benefit from 2% cashback on purchases through the Amazon platform.

How can you purchase from Amazon Prime Mega Offer through Nobank?

To avail these features, simply go to the “Nubank Shopping” option in the bank app, located on the third tab of the home screen. After accessing this option, simply swipe the screen to the Amazon Prime banner, read the information and activate the cashback.

What are the cashback rules?

The rules are simple: after activating the cashback, the user will be directed to the Amazon website or app. Once done, simply select the desired products and complete the purchase process. IMPORTANT: Your purchase must be initiated and completed in the same session, with your shopping cart initially empty.

The benefits of this offer are valid for all payment methods accepted by Amazon Brazil. However, be careful: the benefits are exclusive to Amazon Prime members and Nubank customers. Furthermore, there is no cashback limit per purchase, but the user can receive up to R$1,500 per month as cashback in their Nubank account.

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