Viih Tube discovered he was anemic: ‘My exams were really bad’ – from

Viih Tube discovered he was anemic: 'My exams were really bad' - from

Viih Tube (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

HIV tube He told his followers via Instagram videos, this Wednesday (3), that he is anemic. The 21-year-old influencer and BBB star said she was feeling very tired and had yellow eyes when she decided to get tested and found out about the condition.

“I was doubtful whether or not to tell you this, because it’s my type of person, but I’m telling you everything in a natural and open way here, and I think even alerting you to have medical exams and exams always, watch your body, the signs,” she began.

Fieh stated that young girls are his biggest audience on social networks, and therefore he wants to use his report as an example for them. “We think with young people nothing happens, right? They’ll get drunk on the weekend, won’t sleep or eat properly, won’t do physical exercise,” he said.

The influencer explained what she felt. He said, “I was very sleepy. And my mother noticed that my eyes were yellowish on the inside. I went for a check-up and found I was anaemic. My exams were really bad.”

She emphasized that now she is taking care of herself and taking vitamins, since her body has been “completely liberated.” In addition, she improved her diet. “I eat a lot of liver, and beets. I used to notice that in my lunch, the salad was just for garnish, just Eliezer It took a little. And these are the things that make a difference in your day, you eat well, and make your plate more colorful with vegetables. Anyway, guys, don’t let it get to this point.”

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Fieh even joked that he knows he’s not always a “good example,” but he wants to change that. “Take care of the food, and do some physical activity. I hate the gym, for example, but I do other things that make me feel good, like squash, and dancing. It’s not just weight training, working out your butt, it’s the fact that you are active and moving your body. Take care. Cheers. I know that at the moment I am not an example to say this, but I want to be. That is why I will try hard,” he continued.

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