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The US government announced Friday (15) that it will allow entry into the country for foreign visitors who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 from November 8.

“The new US travel policy, which requires vaccinations for foreign travelers in the United States, will begin November 8,” White House Press Secretary Kevin Moose tweeted as he announced an early initiative date last month.

“This declaration and this date apply to international air and land travel,” he wrote. “This policy is guided by public health, strict and consistent,” he added.

In March 2020, to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Washington closed the borders to travelers from the European Union, the United Kingdom and China, later adding the list to people from India and Brazil. It also banned entry by land from Mexico and Canada.

These restrictions have caused personal and economic turmoil.

For travelers arriving by air, the US government will require airlines to set up a contact tracing system and require virus testing three days before departure.

As for entering the territory, the White House announced this week that the lifting of restrictions will take place in two stages.

From November 8, people traveling for “non-essential” reasons, for example family or tourists, will be able to cross the Canadian or Mexican border, as long as they are vaccinated.

People entering the country for “essential” reasons, for example, truck drivers, will be exempted.

But starting in January, a virus vaccine requirement will apply to all visitors crossing the land border, regardless of their reason for entering the United States.

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