US suspends tax enforcement for 6 countries – Época Negócios

US suspends tax enforcement for 6 countries - Época Negócios

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You are United State On Wednesday (2) announced the implementation and consequent 180-day suspension of duties imposed on six countries until there is more time to reach international agreement on the subject in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The new tax was to be applied to Austria, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, and was in response to these countries’ decisions to tax US multinational technology companies, the so-called “digital tariff” or “web tax”.

A spokesperson for the European Commission said the body “welcomes the decision” of the US to suspend the application of these tariffs and considers that the OECD will be “the right place to find a fair global solution to taxing the digital sector”. “.

“We want this to open the necessary space to solve this problem constructively and not unilaterally. We want to stress that any action taken by a third country must respect international law, and the only way to judge the alleged discrimination between trading partners is through the resolution of WTO disputes [Organização Mundial do Comércio]says the European Commission.

Threats of a tax emerged in December last year, still under Donald Trump, due to the taxation of Europeans.

However, since Joe Biden took over, the United States has reverted to adopting international dispute resolution bodies, especially in the case of trade and political partners, and no longer makes unilateral decisions in the economy.

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