Unimed Curitiba and Unimed Laboratorio in the GPTW ranking of the best companies to work for in Paraná

Unimed Curitiba and Unimed Laboratorio in the GPTW ranking of the best companies to work for in Paraná

The state’s largest health plan operator and its own laboratory are part of the list released on November 4

For the third year in a row, Unimed Curitiba is part of the global consulting firm Great Place to Work (GPTW) ranking. And in 2021, the cooperative took a prominent place among large companies – in total, 20 companies were selected. It was disclosed on November 4 and also announced Unimed Laboratório as the best company to work for in Paraná among medium-sized companies – 65 companies were elected. The GPTW Seal is a way of recognizing companies that are a reference in the business environment in their states, and this year, Parana 100 companies were recognized in their 12th edition.

According to Rashid Hajar Traya, CEO of Unimed Curitiba and Group Companies, these placements by the Co-op and Lab, in addition to earning the GPTW Seal for the third consecutive time, reflect the importance of planning and certainty in being on an assertive path. “We indicate a direction to follow, seek to build environments and atmospheres suitable for business development, whatever it may be, and realize that Unimed’s Way of Caring practice was effective and perceived by the community. This result is an unequivocal perception that employees understood what management was looking for and were able to on attributing a value, at times, intangible: that they really had a good working system. And what’s more, we did it at a time that was very hostile to all of us in terms of style and style and way of working. But our research was seen as a positive thing because our goal In caring for people means effective care for all the people we deal with. It’s not for a specific audience, but it is a systematic care,” he says.

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To compete for the award, companies must have attained a GPTW certification, which is obtained after the organization is evaluated with at least 70% of positive responses from its employees in the survey applied by the global consulting firm. Rashid Hajar Traya also highlights that those who work for Unimed Curitiba and the companies in the group, even when they take the insignia of the institution off their chest, continue to be recognized as operator professionals and this carries the responsibility of being the protagonist of the example, especially when faced with a new disease. In a conversation with the teams, the manager mentioned that despite all the hardships they’ve faced in the past 19 months, there has been no downtime, even for those who have been remote, there has been a change in the way they work. “We are the same and we are on the same ‘adventure of life,’ what we have are different responsibilities. But we depend on the work of each one so that this machine can keep working.”

Achievements in the midst of a pandemic In March 2020, Brazil announced community transmission of the new coronavirus and began taking sanitary measures to contain transmission. Many companies have quickly embraced work in home office The challenge of coexistence and productivity arose for the entire society that was looking only for security. Because that care with the people who work at Unimed Curitiba and in the lab has also been from day one of the pandemic. At first, the executive board drew a sketch of how to act, and then came the decision.

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“We take special needs, at-risk groups, and young trainees out of the classroom. So, we scaled our range as we became familiar with the scene. But it took very little time for us to put more than 90% of our workforce into remote work. Obviously, those situations were left where we cannot do without the presence of people, and in this case, I also include the Executive Board, which has continued to work personally on the pandemic. They were, in fact, what we would call the front line and we were not lacking: they swallowed up fear and pain and were brave in the face of this disease, and they came every day to the lab and the co-ops just to do a few things. others. After all, what drives us to do this is our goal,” he said.

Finally, the director also thanked the relatives of the people who needed to continue working personally at Unimed Curitiba and Unimed Laboratório: “We know that everyone has a mother, father, wife, husband and children, and they have allowed everyone with this act of humanity to come to work every day. I am touched by it” .

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