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At a press conference to present his government’s new plans against COVID-19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about rapper Nicki Minaj and his cousin’s friend’s testicles.

The 38-year-old American singer from Trinidad and Tobago told her nearly 23 million Twitter followers that she has not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus and is looking for vaccines.

Nicki Minaj told the story of his cousin who refused to be vaccinated, claiming that one of his friends became impotent and inflamed his testicles after receiving the shot.

Asked about this at Tuesday’s press conference, England’s medical director Chris Whitty, 55, a leading figure in the fight against Covid-19, immediately denounced the “myths” surrounding vaccines.

“There are a number of myths going around, some of which are clearly ridiculous,” he said. “Obviously some (…) scare people. This is one of them,” he added.

After celebrating that most people ignore false information, Whitty attacked those who “sell inconsistencies.” “They should be ashamed,” he added.

Less generous than he is, 57-year-old Johnson said he “didn’t know Nicki Minaj’s work as well as he should have.”

The rapper then sent an audio message to the Prime Minister saying in her British accent that she was born in the UK and went to university with Margaret Thatcher. It’s all fake.

Asked about Nicki Minaj on Wednesday, British Health Secretary Sajid Javid urged celebrities to be careful what they say.

Speaking to Radio Times about “people spreading misinformation,” Javid noted that they “clearly aren’t helping.”

Addressing the celebrity, he asked, “Please don’t do this.” “You’re really hurting people, because vaccines save lives and you’re doing the opposite by spreading lies.”

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