Watch the oldest video recording of a solar eclipse

Watch the oldest video recording of a solar eclipse

This Saturday (14) the long-awaited annular solar eclipse will occur, which in some parts of the world will form a “ring of fire” in the sky, including a narrow strip of northern and northeastern Brazil.

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Eclipses are phenomena that have always fascinated generations and generations of the most diverse civilizations throughout history. Although photographs and videos of these events are currently very common, including in real time (as in the example above), this was not always the case.

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The oldest video of a solar eclipse was filmed by a magician

Until the end of the 18th century, only those who witnessed it in person could see the movement of a solar eclipse. Until scientist Neville Maskelyne from the United Kingdom, on May 28, 1900, was able to photograph such an event.

Recorded during an expedition to North Carolina, USA, the material, considered the oldest video recording of a solar eclipse, was restored in high resolution by experts from the National Archives of the British Film Institute (BFI) in 2019.

Maskelyne, in addition to being a mathematician and astronomer, was also a magician. According to BFI researchers, he produced his own telescope that was adapted to record video of the eclipse and display it to the public during a mock work demonstration.

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