“There is no concrete evidence,” says Senator Ally Planalto on CPI – Politica.

"There is no concrete evidence," says Senator Ally Planalto on CPI - Politica.
No d denying his engagement (Bolsonaro). (Photo: Edilson Rodrigues / Agencia Senado)

Brasilia – a senator who is among the most aligned with the federal government on the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (CPI) Give Coronavirus diseaseMarcus Rogerio (DEM-RO) works hard to defend Palacio do Planalto and President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) from accusations of failing to manage the pandemic. However, there is a question that even Marcus Rogerio could not deny: the public statements of the president denying receiving the CoronaVac vaccine, which is produced by the Botantan Institute in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac. According to the senator, the topic has been politicized (in the case of CoronaVac) by the governor of São Paulo, Joe Doria (PSDB), as well as by Bolsonaro. “Both of them were wrong,” he says. Now, Marcus Rogereau is facing the primary role, who has a minority on the committee and was able to summon the governors to testify following an agreement organized by CPI Chair Omar Aziz (PSD-AM). The justification is to investigate the deviations of federal funds sent to fight the epidemic in the states, but the political intention is to partially remove the focus on the federal government. “This (CPI) represents a more difficult situation, given that the object to be investigated here is somewhat indeterminate in this area of ​​self-assessment,” he says, citing one of the reasons for the investigation, actions or potential omissions on the part of the federal government. pandemic. Check out the main excerpts from the interview:

Dimas Covas, president of the Butantan Institute, told CPI that negotiations to buy CoronaVac were stalled in October 2020, when the President of the Republic said he would not purchase the vaccination device, and it was resumed last January. Does not prove this boycott by order of the President?

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I don’t think … by order of the president, no. There you have a clear situation. Butantan’s situation is different from the others. There, there was a politicization of the issue. Doria (Jo Doria, governor of São Paulo) politicized the issue of a vaccine Butantan. He always wanted to call himself the protagonist in the face of a pandemic, as if he were the missionary, the chief scientist who had all the information on the subject. When the world started talking about chloroquine, she periodically initiated a press conference in Sao Paulo to say that it was the SP government that made contact with the Ministry of Health and recommended the delivery and spread of chloroquine throughout Brazil. The issue has been increasingly politicized.

Didn’t Bolsonaro do the same? Can I say that the politicization was solely on the part of the cyclical?

No, of course not. He did it periodically there, and the president did it here as well, with regard to Bhutantan. Regarding the others, no. Because he remained in this position to the point that he would not buy a Chinese vaccine, in short, his speeches were public. Shall I say no? There is no denying what Bolsonaro is wrong with. The topic of the Botantan vaccine was politicized, and periodically she was not interested in the vaccine. It was after the tournament.

Is the president saying that not buying a vaccine was not a hindrance?

I don’t think it got in the way. We bought all the vaccines that were available. The world’s first vaccine was implemented on December 8th. [O Reino Unido foi o primeiro pas no Ocidente a iniciar a vacinao nessa data. No Oriente, a China diz ter iniciado no comeo do segundo semestre.]

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Did the president make a mistake?

The two were wrong (Governor Joe Doria and President Jair Bolsonaro). Regarding the Chinese vaccine, in the beginning, the president’s warnings were correct, and the warnings of the whole world. Now, as far as the institute, to make the partnership, I think the two were wrong. Doria first, because she wanted to be the heroine of a theme. The protagonist here has to be the people.

Regarding the testimony of former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo, she acknowledged that there are contradictions that must be clarified. Is his new testimony difficult for him and al-Qaeda?

No, I don’t think so. I think there was an error in the information or an error in the approach. I don’t know if there is a contradiction. Mayra (Mayra Pinheiro, Secretary of the Department of Labor and Education at the Ministry of Health) came willingly. People thought she wouldn’t talk about Amazon, with a bring order under her arm, and she said it all. Former minister Pazuelo was under a lot of pressure, people got heavy with him. And I think in terms of more technical information it ended up not giving out the content the committee needed ….

With the Conservatives’ call, is the narrative that the CPI investigates only the federal government ends?

We’ll see when the rulers arrive. I want to see what will be the course approach. Whether it will be in the same context as the federal government.

Can Bolsonaro be held responsible at the end of the CPI?

So far, from what has been identified, there is no concrete evidence against the President of the Republic. So, I don’t think it fits the bill. CPI is still on its way, and there is a lot to do, but so far … one thing is narratives, another thing is evidence. Evidence against the President of the Republic in h. If they want to convict him, I will have to fabricate the evidence that has been found so far.

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