Bragança–PA Saúde Competition 2024: vacancies with salaries up to R$ 5,000!

Bragança–PA Saúde Competition 2024: vacancies with salaries up to R$ 5,000!

Registration for the Bragança–PA Saúde competition is now open, providing a great opportunity for health professionals who want to work at the municipal level. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you should better understand the specifics of the selection process, from the number of vacancies to the specializations covered.

The registration period began on June 14 and continues until July 7. Candidates can register through the electronic platform provided by the IVIN Organizing Committee. This competition promises to be an excellent gateway to new careers in the public health sector in Bragança, Pará State.

How to register for the Bragança-PA Saúde competition?

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To register, interested parties must access the IVIN website responsible for organizing the selection process. It is necessary to pay attention to the dates: candidates have until July 7 to complete registration. During this period, the fee waiver request period will also take place, from June 17 to 21. Closing the repayment period calls for the need to pay attention to the specified dates.

What vacancies are available?

The competition offers 71 immediate vacancies as well as reserve registration for various positions. Positions are divided among professionals Technical and higher education. For a better understanding, the positions are classified into intermediate/technical and higher levels, with salary variations ranging from R$ 1,412.00 to R$ 5,000.00, depending on the specialization and responsibilities related to the position.

What are the stages of the Bragança-PA Saúde competition?

The selection process will be organized in two rounds. First, all candidates will pass through Objective evidence Of an exclusionary and categorical nature. For higher level positions, there will also be Proof of addresses, classification. The objective test will be conducted on July 21, and candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the Portuguese language, basic computing and specific knowledge related to the intended position.

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On the other hand, the qualifications examination is a stage aimed exclusively at senior positions, and scores are calculated based on the academic qualifications of the participants. This model seeks to evaluate candidates' preparation and specialization in their field of professional activity.

With a comprehensive panorama full of opportunities, the Bragança-PA Saúde Competition represents an excellent opportunity for health professionals to enter or advance in public employment. If you feel prepared and want more information, be sure to review the full notice and prepare appropriately for the trainees proposed by the competition.

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