The World Education Forum discusses measures to mitigate the effects of the epidemic on the sector – Portuguese (Brazil)

The Minister of Education, Victor Godoy, is taking part in the World Education Forum which has been taking place since yesterday (22) in London, United Kingdom. Accompanied by a delegation of technicians from the Ministry of Education (MEC), Victor Godoy is participating in the meeting which aims to discuss the future of education, particularly with the use of technology, innovation and sustainability.

During the first day of discussions at the event, which took place on Monday (23rd), World Bank Director Jaime Saavedra presented the impact of the pandemic on education and reinforced the importance of countries investing in learning recovery and the role. from the family. in the process. He demonstrated RAPID, an educational model with five axes of action: keeping students in school, analyzing learning levels, prioritizing primary education, implementing recovery programs, and developing students’ psychosocial health and well-being.

For Minister Victor Godoy, MECA’s participation in the Forum is an opportunity to show the world that Brazil is committed to fulfilling key policies for learning recovery. The impact of the pandemic on education has been felt around the world. Godoy highlighted the importance of sharing experiences at an event with hundreds of ministers and education ministers around the world.

“It is worth noting that the pandemic has brought a lot of learning, and by participating in the World Education Forum, we see that countries are working to overcome historical challenges in the field of education. We realized that the education systems of the world were ill-prepared for the epidemic and that the policy of school closures was not It has had the desired effect. We have seen firsthand the measures that have been put in place in many countries. We will also have the opportunity to provide our policy guidelines for learning recovery which I am sure will collaborate greatly with the sector.”

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Also during the first day of discussion, representatives from countries such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, the Philippines, England, Lebanon and India presented the post-pandemic situation and how they are preparing to combat the damage caused. The event was attended by about 80 ministers.

The CEO of the World Education Forum, Peter Phillips, highlighted the large number of participants in the event. “We have a record of participating ministers. Which shows the defining moment we are living in in education. It is a moment to think about the future and act,” he said.

South Africa’s Minister of Basic Education, Matsei Angelina, has highlighted the powerful impact of the pandemic on the education of young people in the country, causing huge losses and lost years to be redeemed. The Saudi Minister of Education, Hamad bin Mohammed, has also followed this approach. He stated that the state intends to reform local education by 2030, in order to recover and accelerate learning. According to him, the new education system will take into account the professions of the future.

The Brazilian delegation also followed up on the presentation made by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). While explaining, Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, highlighted the use of technology to develop skills. He also noted Brazil’s work in channeling funds into basic education, as a way to combat inequality.

International Agenda

In addition to Minister Victor Godoy, the Ministry of Education and Culture is represented by the Trustees of Basic Education Mauro Rabelo; from Vocational and Technological Education, Thomas Santana; Higher Education, Wagner Villas-Boas; Consultants and technicians. The delegation arrived in the United Kingdom last Sunday (22) and was officially greeted at the venue by the organizers, the British Government and representatives of the Brazilian Embassy in London.

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The Head of the Ministry of Education will have a speaking space at the forum and will present, this Tuesday (24th), the guidelines for the National Plan for the Restoration of Learning in Basic Education, which will be published later this month by the federal government.

bilateral meeting

Focusing on the exchange of experiences, the delegation of the Ministry of Education met, also on Monday, with representatives of the Educational Endowment Foundation, a company specializing in reducing inequality in education and in organizing and producing materials to support evidence-based public policies, with a focus on education.

During the meeting, Minister Victor Godoy made a presentation on Brazil’s work in restoring learning. It also showed data from the diagnostics carried out to assess the effects of the epidemic in Brazil, which was carried out through technological platforms. On this occasion, the secretaries of the Ministry of Education presented the works that were developed in their files.

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